Courtney + Andrew-- A May 4th, Tripp Commons Wedding

Courtney + Andrew, when I think of these two, my heart lights up! these two are full of so much joy + life and I am extremely honored that I got to work with them during this season of life!! when I first met Courtney, we just clicked and everything fell into place perfectly as we planned their day. their engagement session was fun + vibrant and it was x10 for their wedding day! They were married on the Tripp Commons deck at the Memorial Union on May 4th in Madison, WI. we couldn’t have asked for a better day!

so a few things I gathered from this stunning wedding—

personal vows will never get old.

coffee literally saves.

true love is magical.

it can be 75 and sunny a week after 40 and snow.

dads are still hilarious.

everyone’s story is so dang inspiring and I love my job as a professional wedding capturer and + celebrator!!

cheers to you, C+A!!!