image by Ivory North Co

celebrating you

and all that you are


hey babes!

I’m Kaley and I live in Madison, WI with my husband in our cozy apartment, just minutes away from the cap square! I am my best self when I’m with him, traveling, or capturing other people’s lives with my camera. I’m inspired by love, light, movement, + all of the small, in between moments of daily life. I love all types of arts + crafts and no matter where the future takes me, i’m certain it will involve being a creative. I’m not a morning person, no matter how hard I try, but we all have our flaws, right? ;) I am constantly putting myself in other people’s shoes and I truly put my heart and soul into what I do. I’m the queen of saying “one more” during sessions, but actually taking ten more. none of  my clients have ever complained  ;)

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My heart is happiest…

on a new adventure, with my camera in hand, my man by my side, or my pup in my lap.


let’s grab a drink and then make some magic! :)

images by the talented, Ivory North Co.