Alaina + Buddy’s Beautiful Wisconsin Nuptials

Alaina and Buddy’s personalities captivated me the moment I met each of them at their wedding venue, Bennett Barn in Watertown, WI. They are the type of couple who turn heads with their radiant beauty, and their outpouring love for one another, and everyone around them. Their love is like what you see in the movies, honest, supportive, beautiful, and never-failing.

I could truly go on and on about this wonderful May wedding, but I’ll try and sum it up. For starters, I have never cried more happy tears at a wedding I was photographing until this day. The amount of LOVE and appreciation for everyone in sight was enough to make my heart sing. People traveled from near and far to attend Alaina and Buddy’s wedding and there was no shortage of happiness and support.

Just a bit of writing about this day to help show you how truly special and full of love it was. Alaina and Buddy decided to read their personal vows to each other after their first look and I have to say, I just adore when my couples choose to have this moment together! Alaina had a heartfelt first look with her parents individually, that was equally as beautiful and touching. Perhaps one of my favorite ceremony moments (of all weddings ever!) was when Alaina + Buddy were trying to light their unity candle. It was so windy outside that it was looking nearly impossible to get the candle lit. That’s when, completely unscripted and unplanned, their parents joined them and wrapped their arms around them to create a shield against the wind. They were then able to get the candle lit and it was such a testament to all of the love and support their parents have shown them individually and now as a married couple. During Alaina’s father’s speech, he outlined it like a thesis, as Alaina not too long ago earned her PhD. His details about the love Buddy has for his daughter was something I will always remember. Alaina is an avid runner and even ran the Green Bay marathon the weekend before her wedding (yes, she even ran the morning of her wedding day!) he explained that a while into the race, she was beginning to struggle, as anyone would during a marathon, when Buddy appeared alongside her with an abundance of words of encouragement. Alaina was able to fight through the pain with Buddy’s support and ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon! What an incredible accomplishment and example of how hard working and dedicated these two special people are all around! Like I said, I could go on an on about this beautiful wedding, but I’ll let the images do the talking now. 🙂

From their emotional first look, to their first dance, this is one wedding you will not want to miss! These are the weddings I live for! <3

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Buddy was standing behind me as I took this photo of Alaina and told her how beautiful she is. They made sweet comments like this all night! <3




Alaina had the most touching reveal with her parents!


Everyone referred to the adorable little flower girl as ‘the cloud’. how stinkin’ cute is she?!


I wish I was friends with these people. They were incredibly genuine, kind, helpful, and appreciative! They made me love my job even more than I thought I could!






Alaina + Buddy, you guys are contagious, both in your love and personalities, and I am entirely grateful that I got to capture your perfect day. I admire your strength and heart for one another, and I hope our paths cross again in the future!



Kaley Rae

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