Mara + Mike’s Intimate Wisconsin Front Stoop Elopement

Mara + Mike’s intimate front porch elopement is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my career as a photographer! There were no mountains, or black sand beaches of Iceland, but there sure was a whole lot of never ending love, and it was such a touching and heartfelt day to be a part of. I long to do more elopements! These two beautiful people have been together for YEARS and have three incredibly beautiful babies together. They have turned their cute little corner lot house into a home where their personalities and love are apparent in every nook and cranny.


A little over a week before their elopement, Mara contacted me saying that I was the first person she thought of to capture this insanely special day for them! Her and Mike decided that June 5th, 2017 was going to be the day that they finally became one after being engaged for what seemed like forever! Mara was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed last April and it was no surprise that I remembered her contagious smile and bubbly personality when she messaged me!


As Mara and I chatted more about the details, I became more and more excited. They had planned it all out, even right down to their favorite, raspberry filled cake! Aside from capturing their endless love for one another, I must say that I felt truly honored to also sign as a witness to their marriage on the certificate! <3


I hope you enjoy their day as much as I did, because if I could, I’d totally dance to the Goo Goo Dolls station on Pandora and converse with them in between portraits all over again!












Congratulations again, Mara + Mike! My heart is so full!


Kaley Rae

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